Friday, 13 May 2016

Bali Adventures!

This Year in February I left Australia for the first time ever and flow all the way to Bali for a little adventure. Now yes I have never been to another country and I had never been on a 2 week holiday without my parents, so for someone who still lives at home and sees my family ever day this was a little different. But in saying that I had a fantastic time, yes I missed my family like crazy but I did some amazing things that I had never done before like quad bike riding, white water rafting, scuba diving and holding a snake.I went with my best friend Ashleigh, my sister and her boyfriend. We had really nice weather while over there although on some of the days it was so hot Ashleigh and I just swam in the pool all day drinking cocktails. 
White water rafting was so scary, like sitting in a small blow up boat flying down a rocky river and on every bump holding on with dear life because I literally nearly fell out a thousand times but it was amazing. Although once it was over we had to embark on a journey up the biggest hill I have ever walked up and on the way a snake flies out of the bush which resolutes in me and my sister screaming for our lives and running away like scared little girls. But it was honestly so scary. (Side note no snakes or Katie's were harmed).
We visited a few Island while in Bali and on one of them we went Scuba diving I was so nervous about Scuba diving I had never done it before and was kinda freaking out about the whole thing, being so far under water and breathing through an oxygen mask make me nervous. But I did it and it was amazing we saw so many turtles, fish and even a tiny little shark. It was so unreal, one of the best experiences I have ever done. 
On our last night we stayed at the Bali Safari Park Resort it was so cool from the room balcony we can see the animals, like the Zebras and elephants. The room also has a bowl of carrots for us to throw out over the balcony to feed the zebras. At night time from our room we could hear the lions roar. We also went on a night Safari tour and we got to stand in a cage on the back of a truck and the tigers jump on top of the cage. It sounds super scary but it was so cool to be that close to a tiger.
So thats where our amazing adventure ended and we flow back home to Australia. Although I was very excited to see my family and be back home.
Like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz said "There's no place like home"

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