Thursday, 31 December 2015



I can not believe that 2015 is over, like Oh my gosh did that fly past or what. 
Is it really going to be my year?
Is it just another year for me to make goals and not ever complete?
Will it be better then last year?

Surely I'm not the only one thinking this. 

So every year I make goals and never complete them. Now my goals are normally like I'm going to get skinny and I'm going to be more organised blah blah..

But no this year I'm going to have a different out look on the year ahead. So my goals are I am going to get my life organised, I am not in any way saying I am going to loss so much weight but i do want to start doing a bit more exercise because it is good for you and it does make me feel good and healthy. Another goal of mine is to do things outside my comfort zone. So yes many adventures ahead. Im the kind of person that doesn't do things because I don't want others judging me but who cares, you have to do things that you want to do and not matter about others. Also I am going to start saying yes to more things because opportunities come up and I normally say no because I'm afraid or get nervous but not this year.
I already have an adventure that I'm super excited about but also very nervous about. This year I am going to Bali. Yes going to another country kinda freaks me out a little bit and it is also my first time leaving Australia. Also I am very anxious about flying in a plane, I have been in a plane before but only short trips so a 10 hour flight or whatever it is should be interesting lol.
But if i don't do it I never will and I'll regret it. And 2016 is about living with no regrets.

I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year.
Let me know what your goals for 2016 are?
Talk to you later
Byeee xx

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