Monday, 6 July 2015

Finding Yourself ❤️

Finding yourself can be hard. Like really hard, trust me. I know. Been there done that. 
So I understand the struggle because yep the struggle is real. And that million dollar question "what am I going to do for the rest of my life". Will probably float around your head for a while. 
Between like the age of 13 to 18 is where you have no clue about anything. Yep its your awkward stage of your life and it is hard. But one thing I have learnt over the years is do what makes you happy, there is no use going and becoming a doctor because its a good paying job or its what everyone else whats you to do, because lets face it if thats not what you want to do you will hate it and you want be very happy. I could never have a career where I absolutely hated it, I have always said that i will be happy in my job and I am. Like obviously I would much rather not work but I cant afford not to but I like my job so it makes waking up every morning to go to work a lot easier. 
Find something you enjoy and go for it. If you like writing become an author or if you enjoy music become a singer. Do whatever you want to do and be happy in it. 
If you are going to collage and you decide its not for you there is nothing wrong with leaving and finding something else to do. I was in collage and I hated it, so I left and yes it was a very hard decision and I had no idea what to do. But i am so happy I did because now I have an job and am enjoying life.
When I left school I was so worried I literally had no idea what to do, I didn't get into the course I originally wanted to do, I spent many days at home thinking OMG what even is my life. And I spent many days crying because I had no clue about life. But looking back I now realise how silly it was for me to worry about that. Because everything eventually works out for the best.
Fitting in is probably the hardest part about finding yourself because your at school and you think everyone is judging you. And you have no clue who you are, or what you like. You have friends that you are not even sure if you like. But the advise I can give is be who you are, act how you want to act because you will find your true friends when you are being true to yourself. Also who cares what others think because honestly once you leave school you barely see any of them again and the only people from school you see are those friends you have that know exactly how crazy you are.

I honestly believe that you have to be 100% true to yourself in order to be happy. Don't act like someone your not to fit in and do what you want and do what makes you happy. :)

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