Thursday, 31 December 2015



I can not believe that 2015 is over, like Oh my gosh did that fly past or what. 
Is it really going to be my year?
Is it just another year for me to make goals and not ever complete?
Will it be better then last year?

Surely I'm not the only one thinking this. 

So every year I make goals and never complete them. Now my goals are normally like I'm going to get skinny and I'm going to be more organised blah blah..

But no this year I'm going to have a different out look on the year ahead. So my goals are I am going to get my life organised, I am not in any way saying I am going to loss so much weight but i do want to start doing a bit more exercise because it is good for you and it does make me feel good and healthy. Another goal of mine is to do things outside my comfort zone. So yes many adventures ahead. Im the kind of person that doesn't do things because I don't want others judging me but who cares, you have to do things that you want to do and not matter about others. Also I am going to start saying yes to more things because opportunities come up and I normally say no because I'm afraid or get nervous but not this year.
I already have an adventure that I'm super excited about but also very nervous about. This year I am going to Bali. Yes going to another country kinda freaks me out a little bit and it is also my first time leaving Australia. Also I am very anxious about flying in a plane, I have been in a plane before but only short trips so a 10 hour flight or whatever it is should be interesting lol.
But if i don't do it I never will and I'll regret it. And 2016 is about living with no regrets.

I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year.
Let me know what your goals for 2016 are?
Talk to you later
Byeee xx

Monday, 6 July 2015

Finding Yourself ❤️

Finding yourself can be hard. Like really hard, trust me. I know. Been there done that. 
So I understand the struggle because yep the struggle is real. And that million dollar question "what am I going to do for the rest of my life". Will probably float around your head for a while. 
Between like the age of 13 to 18 is where you have no clue about anything. Yep its your awkward stage of your life and it is hard. But one thing I have learnt over the years is do what makes you happy, there is no use going and becoming a doctor because its a good paying job or its what everyone else whats you to do, because lets face it if thats not what you want to do you will hate it and you want be very happy. I could never have a career where I absolutely hated it, I have always said that i will be happy in my job and I am. Like obviously I would much rather not work but I cant afford not to but I like my job so it makes waking up every morning to go to work a lot easier. 
Find something you enjoy and go for it. If you like writing become an author or if you enjoy music become a singer. Do whatever you want to do and be happy in it. 
If you are going to collage and you decide its not for you there is nothing wrong with leaving and finding something else to do. I was in collage and I hated it, so I left and yes it was a very hard decision and I had no idea what to do. But i am so happy I did because now I have an job and am enjoying life.
When I left school I was so worried I literally had no idea what to do, I didn't get into the course I originally wanted to do, I spent many days at home thinking OMG what even is my life. And I spent many days crying because I had no clue about life. But looking back I now realise how silly it was for me to worry about that. Because everything eventually works out for the best.
Fitting in is probably the hardest part about finding yourself because your at school and you think everyone is judging you. And you have no clue who you are, or what you like. You have friends that you are not even sure if you like. But the advise I can give is be who you are, act how you want to act because you will find your true friends when you are being true to yourself. Also who cares what others think because honestly once you leave school you barely see any of them again and the only people from school you see are those friends you have that know exactly how crazy you are.

I honestly believe that you have to be 100% true to yourself in order to be happy. Don't act like someone your not to fit in and do what you want and do what makes you happy. :)

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Skin Care Review

So lately my skin has been really bad, I've been having lots of break outs. Arghh! This has been extremely annoying and I don't even know what is causing my skin to be so bad. 

I think the worst part of having bad skin is that you try to cover it up which makeup to hid the fact that your skin is bad but then makeup makes your skin worse and its like this cycle that you can't always get out of. 
So recently I decided to try some new products as nothing seemed to be working. Now I'm not saying these products will work for everyone but I have defiantly seen a difference in my skin since using them. I have been using 'Cetaphil Gentle cleansing clots' and Simples 'Kind to Skin' range.

So if I am wearing makeup (which I do recommend trying to have makeup free days) I will remove all my makeup with the 'Cleansing Cloths'. This cloths are really gentle on my skin and remove most of my makeup which just 1 cloth. I hate when you have makeup wipes and you have to use like 3 just to get your foundation off (slight exaggeration but you know what I mean). This cloths are quiet big so you really only need 1. 
I then wash my face which the 'Kind to Skin moisturising facial wash' I love this wash it is so nice on my face, after using it my face feels so refreshed and hydrated. I defiantly recommend giving it a try.
Next I like to use the 'Kind to Skin Micellar cleansing water'. I put some on a makeup pad and gently wipe away any left over makeup. This product of awesome and gets rid of all the rest of my makeup even my eye makeup. 
Lucky last comes the 'Kind to Skin Hydrating light moisturiser' I think this moisturiser is fantastic, I have pretty oily skin and am always a bit hesitant to use moisturiser as if can make my face extremely oily but this one doesn't it leaves my skin hydrated and refreshed and not oily. I defiantly think if you have oily skin to give this one a go.

So I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what you guys are using and loving. And also let me now any products you would like me to review next time.

Talk later
Byeeeeee xxx

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Five Favourites Friday | Foundation

Five Favourites Friday (try saying that five times, lol) is going to be about me sharing with you five favourites that I've been loving from makeup/ beauty to complete random things like favourite chocolate, haha I don't know. This weeks makeup/ beauty products are drugstore products. All though i do enjoy high end products but there are amazing drugstore products that just don't get enough credit.

So with saying all that lets get into this Fridays products which are my 5 favourite foundation (just to stay with the theme of fs.)

Working from left to right we have Maybellines 'Dream Pure BB cream' it is a fantastic BB cream, it is light to medium coverage, it blends nicely on the skin and has SPF 15 which is nice. I really enjoy this BB cream as it doesn't make my skin oily.
Next we have Maybellines ' Super Stay' in Sand Beige. I love this product it is medium to full coverage and is easy blended. It can be a bit shiny on my skin tip but is nice if you set with a press powder.
In the middle we have Boujois 'Healthy mix serum' in 52 vanilla, this is a light foundation so is perfect for those no makeup makeup days. It is a dewy finish which is nice as it makes my skin look fresh and healthy.
Next up Rimmel 'Match perfection' in 100 ivory, this is like my go to everyday foundation, i mention it in my monthly favourites which is linked below so if you haven't read that please feel free to do so. But this foundation is really nice its not heavy on the skin it blends nicely. I just really like it.
Then lucky last is the Maybelline 'Dream Matte mousse, this is really nice, its very soft on the skin and doesn't feel like your wearing makeup. It is a medium coverage but is not heavy on the skin. I really like this one :)

So this is my Five Favourite Foundation, i hope you enjoyed it. Let me now what five favourite you would like ti see next time
Have a lovely morning, day, night wherever you may be.
Until next time
Byeeeeee xxx

Monday, 30 March 2015

Tip Tuesday

Tip Tuesday is all about the things you want to read about, any questions, thoughts, advice that you want to know and I can try and answer them. This weeks Tip Tuesday is only going to be a short one about a Healthy Life Style. Now I'm not saying that you have to be super skinny to be healthy, this is more about changing a few things in your life to become a healthier, better you. 
Now I don't mean everyone has to do a huge 2 hour exercise everyday and eat nothing but lettuce leaves, because lets be honest being healthy is a lot harder then it sounds. I really believe that just changing a few things can make all this difference for you to become a healthier, happier you.

Try to exercise but do activities that you enjoy, so running, the gym, big cardio workouts whatever it may be try and do it weekly or more. I like walking so for me going for a 45 minute walk is perfect, for that 45 minute I am away from technology, I'm outside getting fresh air and can get all my thoughts together. 

Eating healthy is hard. Everyone tries and most of the time we fail because lets face it who doesn't love chocolate or ice-cream or any fatty food. But trying to cut them out from everyday meals can be done, try only having them on the weekend or once a week. If you can cut down on the sugars and fats you will feel a lot better and also on the plus side your skin will never of looked better.

Sleep is also very important and I know so many people either can't fall asleep or are to busy doing other things like watching youtube and yes I fall into that trap every night and I tell myself only 1 more video which then lends to 10 videos later and its 1:00am the next morning. But if you can try and fall asleep t about the same time every night, you will eventually get into a routine and it will become second nature. And please do try to get at least 7 hours sleep each night. 

So thats my Tip Tuesday I hope you enjoy. Please let me know what you would like to read about next time by commenting below.
    Take care and I'll talk later
                                                            Byeeeee  xxx

March Favourites ❤️

Oh My Gosh. I can't believe that it is already the end of March, like next weekend is Easter which I am super excited about :) I can't wait to indulge in chocolate yummm. Anyways I'm completely off track now, I thought that it would be nice to get back into blogging by hitting it off with a Monthly Favorites. Now I don't know about you but I love knowing other peoples favourites. I hope you enjoy my favourites and maybe will find out about a new product that you can try for yourself. So I'll stop blah blah blahing and get on with my favourites. 

So first things first I'm not the realest OMG that joke is so old, I am so lame I know, anyway my first favourite is the NAKED 1 Palette by Urban Decay. I use this eye shadow palette everyday the colours are super pigmented and blend nicely. You can create any look from a natural everyday look to a night out smokey eye. It is a but pricey but I defiantly recommend getting your hands onto this bad boy as it is amazing. Ive not tried number 2 and 3 as they are really hard to get hold of here in Australia. If anyone didn't know Australia is super expensive and you can't get high end brands all the time. But if anyone knows where i can get them from please let me know :)

'If your lips are moving' 
I hope you know that song or I'm going to look really silly. Ha. So onto lips I have two favourites this month cause no you can't just have one. Ive been loving the Maybelline Colour Whispers in 65 PINK POSSIBILITIES. Its a nice everyday colour when you want a pop of colour but nothing to dramatic. 
Rimmel London Lasting finish colour Rush is another lip product Ive been enjoying this month it is the perfect red you can build it up to a bright bold red or just have subtle look with a hint of red. This product is really moisturising. I love it and defiantly will be going and getting a few more.

 Now onto my face I've been using the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation in 100 Ivory and then on top of that Rimmels Stay Matte pressed powder in 003 Peach Glow. This to products work really nice together. The Match Perfection is Medium coverage but can be built up. It sets nicely on the face and doesn't make my skin dry or oily. I use the press powder to just set the Foundation in place so it doesn't move and also to make sure my face isn't to shiny as I have very oily skin.

Last of all is my favourite Mascara and its the They're Real benefit Mascara now I know everyone is always talking about this Mascara but it is on the pricey side and thats why I am a bit late on the trend, but i absolutely love it. It doesn't clump on my lashes and doesn't smudge and make my look like a panda. I recommend trying it and will be repurchasing it when I run out.

So that's all my favourites for this month. I hope you enjoy and used it helpful. Like i said in my last post i will be trying to keep up with blogging so stay tuned for my next post, Let me know what you would like to read next time. 
I hope you are enjoying your morning, day, evening or night :)
Tell next time
Byeeeeee xxx

Sunday, 29 March 2015


Hello everyone. 
Yes I know I'm not the best at this blog all the time thing but I'm actually really going to do it this time. I cant promise that I'm going to be good at blogging or that my English skills are that great, and please do excuse all the spelling mistakes as I am a terrible speller. But i made this blog to write about things I like and my adventures, thoughts, my life and I hope that if anyone even reads this and it doesn't really matter if not that many people do but I do hope that the people that do read it it at least enjoy it or find it useful. Life is hard and sucks sometimes but I want this place to be a place where people can come and feel safe and confident to express themselves and share their thoughts. 
I am currently working on a monthly favourite that will be up next week so look out for that if your interest. 
Talk to you later 
Byeeeee xxx

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