Friday, 28 March 2014

Chill'n my the Beach

Recently I adventured down the coast for a little holiday and it was so nice to get away from everything and really enjoy myself. The beach was amazing the water so clear and the sun shining every day. 
I was in Paradise! 
We spent 3 days in a beach front hotel which had an amazing pool. 
We also snorkelled which was so cool and scary, I was afraid a shark was going to come and eat me, yes thats right I was afraid even though I wasn't that far into the water :P

One of the days we went fishing which was okay, kinda boring as I suck at fishing and took me 30 minutes to catch 1 fish and then I gave up trying to catch any more. 

Me and my sister pretty much spent all day in the pool or lying in the sun by the pool, as the weather was wonderful. 

On the way home we stopped at some road work and my sister was like "OMG that tree over there looks like a snail" and yes it did look like a snail, even took a photo to prove it LOL!

 Heres just a few photos. hope you enjoy :)

Byeeee xxx

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