Monday, 24 February 2014



As you probably know the month of February is nearly over, i was going to recap on the month but instead I thought I would share my top 3 favourite songs for the month.

So this month I've been loving so many songs but my song I've been playing on like repeat and i might just be a little obsessed is Cash Cash - Take me Home Ft Bebe Rexha and Oh My Gosh if you have not heard this song, like something must be wrong, haha nah just joking but seriously I am in love with this song.

Next song I've been loving is Brave By Sara Bareilles, i really like this song it just makes me happy :)

And lastly Ive really been liking is Best Day Of My Life By american Authors 

So this are just a few of my favourite songs, and hopefully every month I can share them with you guys. Hope you enjoyed listening to my favourite songs. 
Talk to you later
Byeeeee xx

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