Thursday, 30 January 2014


hello everybody.
this is the first blog for the year even though its the 31st of January. Clearly I'm will organised and not a bit late at all, lol. i just wanted to take the time out to talk about my new years resolutions and what the new year is being for me.
I have 3 new years resolutions
1. i wanted to exercise more this year, and i know that everyone always say "I'm going to exercise all the time and get really fit and blahhh blahh blahhh, but this year i am determined to do it.
2. I want to just be more happy, like do things that make me happy (lol kind of a lame one)
3. i want to say YES to more things, to many times in my life i say no to things because I'm to scared of what the outcome will be. so this year is the year of JUST SAYING YES :)

ummm i hope that you guys have set some goals for yourself and can achieve them :)
talk soon
byeeeeee xxx

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